Business Philosophy

Words from the Group Vice Chairperson

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  • Vice Chairman of TOPCO Group
Dr. Robert Lai

Building a global corporate capable of solving global issues

By investing in the forward-looking industry and meeting customer needs with reliable quality, punctual delivery, and responsive services, TOPCO strives to continue expanding its products and annual revenue with desirable results. The achievement proves that the professionalism and services are highly appreciated and recognized by customers worldwide.

In the pursuit of corporate excellence and responsible global citizenship, TOPCO steadily taking root, continuing to grow, and expanding its footprint by applying its high-tech expertise in all aspects of the lifestyle industry spanning from fresh food, health care, biotechnology to sports and leisure. For instance, the company established the ANYO Fresh supermarket to offer carefully chosen safe, fresh, and convenient healthy foods. The ANYO Fresh baseball team, supported by TOPCO, contributes to the development of the game in Taiwan, while ANYO Museum, a top-grade tourism factory in Yilan, combines technology, delicacy, and education to explore Taiwan's rich ocean culture and local gourmet through interactive experiences.

From advanced technology and green energy to the lifestyle and health industry, TOPCO explores and expands aggressively to realize its corporate vision of an all-aspect global corporate. In the future, TOPCO will continue to uphold the “Excellence via Perfection” spirit to contribute to a sustainable Earth and a better quality of life for all.