Business Philosophy

Words from the TOPCO Chairperson

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Mr. Jeffery C.L. Pan

Leading innovative integration services to master future trends

As a leading distributor of materials and equipment for the semiconductor, LCD, optoelectronics, green energy, and environmental engineering industries, TOPCO provides system integration and other professional services according to customer needs, and also proactively innovates service quality, expand operation scope to pursue excellent operational performance.

In sync with the market pulse, TOPCO’s revenue has reached record highs and the scale of operation has been expanding thanks to its innovative products and services. Since its establishment in 1990, the company has won the praise of its customers for the quality products it represents and its unique professional integration capabilities.

In parallel with active recruiting and cultivating of talents, TOPCO has implemented an objective-oriented management and performance evaluation system to improve the quality of human resources and boost performance. At the same time, TOPCO also strives to help customers incorporate their products and technologies while strengthening its own capability of global operations not only to compete in the global market but also to pursue sustainable operation and growth.

Looking to the future, as a leading provider of diverse integrated services in the high-tech industry, TOPCO will continue to expand its reach and move towards the goal of a holistic global corporation by adhering to the “diligence, professionalism, and sharing the success” business philosophy.